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  1. Does Artemis really need .net 4.6 ? I am trying to run Artemis under Linux by using Wine/Playonlinux. The application starts, but all internet related functionality (database download, RX/TX conditions) does not work.
    Sadly only .net 4.5 can be installed in wine, 4.6 installation fails. It would be great to have Artemis running under Linux as many SDR users use Linux instead of Windows.

    • Dear M Dammer,
      with WineHQ, Artemis should run smooth because framework 4.6 is now supported

  2. Joaquin Abian

    Dear Friend,
    Thanks for this useful application.
    I downloaded it on win7 64 bits and it worked at first try.
    I found one issue with usability and I am not sure if the problem is in my desk:
    When I search for a signal (‘Quick’ search) setting the frequency, the bandwidth and hitting ‘search’, the search frame disappears and I get the hits in the main frame. That’s OK . The problem comes when I try to refine the search (p.e modifying the % error or the bandwidth). If I click on ‘Quick’ search again I get the filter panel with the values set to default. It doesn’t keep the last values, so I have to remember what I entered and input everything again.
    Is there a way for the program to remember the entered values in order to make interactive search easier and faster ?

    • Dear Joaquin Abian,
      thanks for your feedback! As soon as possible I will fix the annoying quick search bug…thanks again for your suggestions

  3. hey guys
    thanks for the good work u have done
    BTW i cant download any thing due to broken links
    hope u fix it soon
    thanks anyway

  4. Henry Abbott

    Suggested new “scheme” for identifying unknown digital modes

    The existing schemes needs an number and inserted into a signal, if it is not inserted, it cannot be used.

    I suggest “0123456789 ABCDE” be added to all transmissions. Then one can toggle all the controls, starting from the most likely to the least likely. If at any stage “0123456789 ABCDE” appears, the signal have been successfully decoded.

    possibility need n

  5. Download-Link is DEAD!!!

    • I’ve tried just now and, from here, there are no problems. If you have some trouble with AdFly, check the instructions above the green button. Let me know :)

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