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artemis new logo - CopyWHAT IS ARTEMIS?

ARTEMIS 2 is a useful aid for radio listeners: it allows to compare real-time spectra (from SDR waterfall for example) with those found in archives by comparison of the properties (such as frequency, bandwidth, modulation …) and verifying it through a sample image. A variety of filters allows you to narrow your search, facilitating the identification of unknown signals.

Look at the screenshots. Try it. ARTEMIS is a freeware tool!


ARTEMIS main DataBase is generated from (By

DOWNLOAD: Artemis 2


  • Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 (32/64 bit)
  • .NET Framework 4.6

Version: 2.1.0
ZIP: 4.2 MB
OFFLINE DataBase:  manual download

MD5: 0aa1132c5724fc353d368d66d5d74317
SHA1: 75ecec86e1a0f191dc3ed64150513a2beb3f1fb7



Autocorrelation Function (aka ACF)


LATEST UPDATE: Mk.40 (01/06/2018)

REMEMBER Your help with bug reporting, suggestion or comments is essential to Artemis development


ARTEMIS v. 2.1.0, Copyright © 2014-2018 Dalla Tiezza Marco (WWL: JN56XK / Rocca Pietore, BL)

ARTEMIS is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 4.0 International License.To view a copy of this license, click HERE or send a letter to:

Creative Commons,
444 Castro Street, Suite 900,
Mountain View, California, 94041


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M Dammer
M Dammer

Does Artemis really need .net 4.6 ? I am trying to run Artemis under Linux by using Wine/Playonlinux. The application starts, but all internet related functionality (database download, RX/TX conditions) does not work.
Sadly only .net 4.5 can be installed in wine, 4.6 installation fails. It would be great to have Artemis running under Linux as many SDR users use Linux instead of Windows.

Joaquin Abian
Joaquin Abian

Dear Friend, Thanks for this useful application. I downloaded it on win7 64 bits and it worked at first try. I found one issue with usability and I am not sure if the problem is in my desk: When I search for a signal (‘Quick’ search) setting the frequency, the bandwidth and hitting ‘search’, the search frame disappears and I get the hits in the main frame. That’s OK . The problem comes when I try to refine the search (p.e modifying the % error or the bandwidth). If I click on ‘Quick’ search again I get the filter panel… Read more »


hey guys
thanks for the good work u have done
BTW i cant download any thing due to broken links
hope u fix it soon
thanks anyway

Henry Abbott
Henry Abbott

Suggested new “scheme” for identifying unknown digital modes

The existing schemes needs an number and inserted into a signal, if it is not inserted, it cannot be used.

I suggest “0123456789 ABCDE” be added to all transmissions. Then one can toggle all the controls, starting from the most likely to the least likely. If at any stage “0123456789 ABCDE” appears, the signal have been successfully decoded.

possibility need n


Download-Link is DEAD!!!

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