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  3. Is Artemis project dead? how often is it updated?
    Please add the date for last update in the download section.

    • Hi Max,
      Artemis is not a dead project but I’m stuck because I’m facing several problems to port this software to Linux systems and to manage DPI rescaling in windows OS…this is not an easy task (mainly because I’m not a programmer…). If someone has good programming skills is welcome. I’m always open to suggestions!
      BTW: I’m preparing the new updated version of the database that will be ready today ;)

      • That’s great to hear.

      • What language is it programmed in? I don’t mind helping with the DPI scaling for windows if I can get the source code.


      • I experienced the DPI scale problem but i solved it with a manifest file

  4. Artemis DB Updated to Ver.40!!!! 353 recognized signals, 345 spectra, 325 audio samples with 37 ACFs. Enjoy!!!

  5. Hi Mark,
    Thanks so much for this. And thank you for working on the Linux version since I don’t use Windows.
    All the best,

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