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Q:     I’ve some problems with download button! When I click it, some stupid advertising appear and I can not continue!

A:     Don’t worry and follow the simple instructions reported just below:

Q:     Why are you using AdFly redirect links with ads and not a simple direct link (without ads)?

A:     I’m trying to keep the service that I am offering entirely free of charge: in other words Artemis 2, Poseidon and all the site contents are totally freeIt’s always been that way and it will always be that way. Unfortunately, the server where all of the website data is stored cost me money. In order to reduce (and if I’m lucky, recover) the maintenance costs, I decide to use AdFly shrink service.

I don’t ask you money, but just 10 seconds of your time (Click “Download Now!”, wait 5 sec, Click “Skip AD”). If you have some other questions, feel free to ask in the comment section below. For extra info about AdFly services click on the banner:

Thank you infinitely for understanding, I really appreciate your help!



  1. I want this program but I can not find the “skip the (useless) ads knob” in any ad.

    • Dear PD4P,
      please double check the procedure to download Artemis. From here everything works fine…

      • Dear Aco
        No way to download. I got trapped in a nest of adds

        kind regards,

        • Hi Daniel,
          Try again with another browser. From here, with Google Chrome, I’ve found no problem to download the software. If the problem persists, send me a private mail: I will give you the direct link.


  2. Hello Marco,
    I recently received a complaint from a user saying that the Ad.fly link was leading him into Malware. I took a look and it does seem that Ad.fly is compromising the ‘Skip Ad’ button at least occasionally. It appears that what happens is, After the 5 second timer, when you click the button ‘Skip ad’, the website actually has a hidden click layer over the button that will take you to a completely different site, where it will try to scam you for some antivirus or some other thing. However, if you close that new tab that was opened, and return to click the ‘Skip ad’ button again, it correctly links you to the download link.

    I’m not sure if this is on Ad.fly’s part or your part but knowing that users aren’t as tech savvy as some of us, they wouldn’t dare use the link again if they had this happen to them. Would you be able to look into this?


    • Ehy Dian! Thanks for your detailed information! I was not aware of this weird mechanism that seems to be far from an honest way to propose adv in a legal way. In this case, I’ll remove as soon as possible adfly redirect. Time ago, when I started to use this service, adfly was honest without any form of scam or hidden buttons.
      Sorry everyone tried to download, now adfly is gone. Thanks again Dian for your constant support.


      • Thanks for the update Marco. Perhaps there is a cleaner way to still get advertisement revenue from download links. I too remember when Adfly was honest, but I guess nowadays they have new ownership(?). I suppose the hunt continues.


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